Ken Graham - Elvis Tribute Artist


Ken has been a devoted fan to Elvis Presley and his music since he was a young boy. He has enjoyed singing his whole life, and has performed as an Elvis Tribute Artist since 2004. He also loves performing on stage in the theater and has been involved in several productions over the years. He is an avid fan of sports, his favorite being football. Other hobbies include drawing, reading, playing the piano and the acoustic guitar, and web page design. During his life he has lived in Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Utah, Idaho and Missouri. Ken and his family currently reside in Springfield, Missouri.

Elvis's life and career were influenced by many styles of music including Gospel, Country and the Blues. Likewise, music has always played a significant part of Ken's life. He has mainly been influenced by the man himself, Elvis Presley, and also has been influenced by many other styles of music including: Standards, Gospel, Country, Broadway Showtunes, Pop, Folk, and Classic Rock.


Just as Elvis loved to act and always wanted to be considered as a serious actor throughout his career,Ken also shares a love of acting and performing on stage. Some of his notable performances include:  The Pirates of Penzance (The Major General), Annie (Franklin D. Roosevelt), Fiddler on the Roof  (Lazar Wolf),Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Caleb), A Little Princess (Captain Crewe), A Christmas Carol (Jacob Marley and Bob Cratchit).